Payment Methods

At aim is to make your purchase convenient, which is why we offer you a wide range of payment options.

1. Bank Transfer - RTGS / NEFT Transfer (0% Charges Applicable)

All the products can be purchased through RTGS / NEFT Transfer. Once the order is placed, our Bank account details will be mailed to you and the order will be processed once the payment is realized on our bank account.

2. Net Banking / Debit Card (1.85% Extra Charges Applicable)

3. Credit Card (2.65% Extra Charges Applicable)

We accept all major credit card and debit cards. Our net banking supports most of the prominent banks. Also you can pay at your door steps using our card swiping machine. *Inclusive of Taxes

4. Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery option availabilty depends upon the terms of the seller.


You hereby agree and accept to provide accurate shipping address (with full address including area, pin code and nearest land mark) during the order placement.

The ownership, title or risk of loss of the products may pass on to you upon delivery of the ordered materials / products by the vendors / logistics providers / manufacturer.

You can track the order status, if the same has been provided by the shipment / logistics providers. You may contact or call us to know the status of your order.
Your shipment may contain the documents:

  • Copy of the Order invoice (Original copy can be downloaded from your account profile and copy would be sent to your email id)
  • Copy of the Delivery note (Quantities has to be checked on the time of delivery, Any missing quantities should be raised immediately to the logistics provider or
  • User manual if any provided by the manufacturer.
  • Material Test Certificates, if any provided by the manufacturer.
  • Installation Manuals, if any provided by the manufacturer.
  • Warranty Cards,if any provided by the manufacturer.
The delivery date mentioned is an estimated date. While we try our best to delivery on time, we cannot provide you the delivery guarantee on the estimated scheduled delivery date.
You accept and agree that is not liable whatsoever for the timely delivery or otherwise, of the ordered materials/ products to your shipping address at any and all times.
You accept and agree to provide clear road passage leading to your construction site. We need a 30 feet wide road for smooth delivery of the consignment.
The shipping for building materials (cement, TMT steel, sand blocks, bricks, plumbing, electrical, marble etc.) would be done to ground level (Not more than 25 Feet from the road/ gate to the storage location). An additional shipping cost will be charged by the materialsworld/ vendor/ logistic partners if delivery is to be made above ground level.
For any reasons, you would want to postpone the shipment date, materialsworld has the right to retain the cost of handling and storage cost during this time to the hold the material/ products at the materialsworld warehouses locations/ logistics partners.
materialsworld reserves the right to withhold/ cancel the order without delivery, retaining the difference between the invoice price and current price as well as all storage, handling and shipping charges, and taxes applicable on all of the above.

You will be responsible to give a safe environment, legal address and accessible pathway to deliver the shipment. Failing to provide such, shipping charges will be charged with other taxes if any.


At, our goal is to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, Please follow the guidelines below and we will be happy to assist to return or cancel your purchase.


Returns are accepted only,

  • If there is a mismatch in the Size/dimension with comparison to the ordered materials/products.
  • If Wrong materials/products/colors were sent from the ordered list of items
  • If tampered materials/products were received.
  • If Defective items/malfunctioning materials/products are received.
  • If Materials/products are missing as per the manufacturer’s product manual (Valid only for products/ materials which are sold in package by the manufacturer along with a user manual)
  • Materials/products quality not matching with the manufacturer claims. (Note: In case, the materials need testing by third party agencies, all costs and effort to be borne by the buyer, including sending samples, testing charges and report collection)
  • If notified to us within 24 hours on receipt of the order to our WhatsApp no 0963-27-88890.
All shipping and other replacement charges shall be borne and incurred by the Vendor / Manufacturer, if any or above conditions are satisfied.
In case, the seller does not have the replacement product, he can provide the refund to the buyer and buyer shall be obligated to accept the refund in lieu of replacement.
Replacements will be done within 3-7 days of time from receipt of goods at the vendor / manufacturer facility and solely depends upon the availability of the materials/products.
We will schedule the process of pickup on acceptance your request for returns from our vendors / manufacturers.
Please WhatsApp us at 0963-27-88890 for replacements with your order-id, date of material receipt and reasons for replacement within 24 hours of receipt of materials / items.

Returns are NOT accepted if,

  • Material / Product is used and tampered after received.
  • Product is not installed according to user manual and results in damage / malfunctioning.
  • Not notified within 24 hours on receipt of delivery to our WhatsApp no 0963-27-88890.
  • No other materials / items will be exchanged for different materials/items (Scenario: Request to exchange of 43 Grade cement for 53 Grade cement)
  • Partial Returns / Leftovers are not accepted. (Scenario: 1 Ton TMT unused out of 5 tons purchased are not valid for Returns)


When cancellations are accepted?

  • Ordered materials are NOT in transit from the vendors / sellers / manufacturer.
  • Ordered materials/products are NOT customized to suit the buyer. (Example: Custom size kitchen shutters cannot be cancelled)
  • Shipment at buyer door steps cannot be cancelled for any reasons, other than mentioned in the returns above.

When cancellations are NOT accepted?

  • Ordered materials/products are imported by the vendors / sellers based on the buyer order.
  • Ordered materials/products are sourced by the vendors after buyer placing an order.
  • Ordered materials/products are custom built to suit your requirements (Ex. Kitchen shutters) and manufacturing is in progress.
  • Ordered materials/products are In-Transit

WARRANTY & GUARANTEE provides a marketplace platform for buyers to purchase home improvement and building materials from vendors / manufacturers / dealers / Suppliers. We are highly committed to on board quality vendors / suppliers/ manufacturers selling on
materialsworld does not provide any warranties or guarantees on products sold through
materialsworld does not warrant any or all specifications, performance displayed along with the materials / products.
All materials / products made available to you through are provided "as is" and "as available" basis without any guarantee / warranties from, unless explicitly given in writing to you.
materialsworld is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of any non-performance of the materials / products.
In case, material / products fails to perform as claimed / mentioned by the manufacturer / vendors specification. The buyer will test the materials with the third party agency, produce the test results to the vendor / manufacturer directly for such claims. All cost and effort for such testing purposes will be borne by the buyer.